My friend, Mr. Fox, a neighbor in Russel Gulch. In Russel Gulch is a beautiful cemetery and the highest in altitude Frisbee Gulf Course in the world.

"To any Lee descendants, I would love a photo of Jeremiah and Emily."


Katie Lee, daughter of Jeremiah and Emily Lee. (the only known photo of the Lees) Jeremiah is known as an ex-slave of Robert E. Lee and Emily traces her ancestry back to Martha Washington. (the slaves) Mr. Lee moved to Colorado at the beginning of the gold rush, and he became a very wealthy man.  Gilpin county is known to be the first unsegregated school in the nation.  After the school was built Jeremiah sent his children to school and they were sent home, the mayor found out and headed up to the school and informed the principal that all children will be attending school.

Hi, my name is Nicki Friedeck, I've adopted the last name Lee for my business. I love history, and that is one reason why I bought this home. I love people, and that is why I have opened my home as B and B. More than anything I love children and I hope through this endeavor to support more and more children in Africa. I also love to bake and when I have time my guest get to partake in that love. I love to make things beautiful, it was easy in this home. I love to garden and my roses and tulips will tell you so. So I open my home to you while your away from yours and hope you will find your dream as I have found mine!

Bed and Breakfast

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